Can the length of the chain/cord be shortened or lengthened?

Yes, the chain/cord length can be shortened or lengthened. Just add a note to your order with your preferred length and we will make it to your request.

My beads have become dirty from too much love. How can I clean them?

The beads are made of polymer clay which is a very durable material, so we recommend baby wipes or even nail polish remover if you wish to clean them. Please be wary of clothing with non-colourfast dyes as the dye can rub off on the beads and stain them.

I need a new leather cord or chain, Where can I find one?

Replacement leather cords, silver plated chains and sterling silver chains can be purchased from our website here. Please note that if you purchase a replacement leather cord for your necklace you will need to pop the beads back into the post to us at 18-20 Michael St Brunswick Victoria 3056 so that we can re-make your necklace onto the new leather.

Can I choose my own colour combination?

All Emily Green designs are carefully considered and composed into harmonious colour combinations. Unfortunately we don't do custom colourways but hopefully you can find something suitable within our range.